Our personnel includes experienced specialists of II-nd and III-rd skill levels in ultrasonic and visual/measuring methods of NDT. Our laboratory is equipped with all essential devices and instruments to achieve reliable testing results.

NDT methods:

  • acoustic (ultrasonic flaw-detection and thickness gaging);
  • visual/measuring.


  • construction;
  • mounting;
  • repair;
  • reconstruction;
  • technical diagnostics.

Certification area (by the register of Rostekhnadzor):

1. Boiler Inspection:

  • steam and water-heating boilers;
  • electric boilers;
  • pressure vessels over 0,07 MPa /1150°C;

2. Gas supply systems:

  • exterior steel and polyethilene gas pipelines;
  • interior steel gas pipelines;
  • parts and components, gas equipment.

3. Elevating equipment:

  • cranes;
  • lifting apparatus;
  • elevators.

4. Oil and gas industry equipment:

  • gas- and oil-transferring stations equipment;
  • gas and oil pipelines;
  • oil product vessels.

5. Equipment for mettallurgy:

  • metal constructions of devices, buildings and facilities;
  • pipelines for technical gases.

6. Equipment of dangerous explosive and chemical production:

  • tanks, barrels, cylinders, vessels for explosive, flammable and toxic matter;
  • technological pipelines for steam and hot water.